South Loop Dog Parks

Your first dog. Do you remember the feeling you had when you got it? Of course you do. For many of us in Chicago, our love of dogs is a lifelong affair. And as we grow up, we learn to love them as more than just pets. They become part of the family.

One in three people in the United States owns a dog. With nearly 3 million people calling Chicago home that means almost 1 million dogs live within the city area across various neighborhoods and suburbs.

One area in particular that has seen a spike in growth is the South Loop. Home to a variety of luxury apartments, historic museums, and beautiful parks, the South Loop has a surprising amount of wide open spaces and places to explore. That also makes it a perfect home for some of the best dog parks Chicago has to offer.

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Chicago's West Loop vs. South Loop - How They Are Different

Chicago, Illinois is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and boasts a rich, industrial history. It is the home of the Chicago hot dog, Giordano’s famous deep-dish pizza, Willis Tower, and, of course, the notorious rivalry between the Cubs and White Sox.

Chicago is a melting pot of so many different cultures escaping persecution, famine, or a place to start fresh. There is something about this great city that always makes it feel like home, even if you never lived there. But, for the lucky people who do live there, they have a plethora of places to choose from in which to settle down.

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8 Top Nosh Restaurants in the South Loop

Chicago has some of the best food in the country. This is not an exaggeration. Because of the diversity of Chicago, there is something for everyone. Not only that, the pride the Chicago restaurant owners take in their dishes is extreme and they strive for excellence. The South Loop area is no different in this respect. This area has seen an explosion of delicious restaurants and quite a variety too. Due to the surrounding neighborhoods like Little Italy and Chinatown, some of the most amazing and authentic dishes are just steps away from the Coeval residences. See below for some top “nosh” choices in the South Loop and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Chicago Travel Tips from Coeval Chicago Luxury Apartments

Coeval Chicago is situated south of central downtown Chicago, conveniently located near subway stations, commuter rails, shopping centers, parks, entertainment, and the airport. Our residents love the exceptional access to public transportation and attractions, making it easy to get anywhere around Chicago

At Coeval, we take pride in offering the best of Chicago's South Loop living and that includes keeping your personal and professional life in close proximity. Our residents get to enjoy the ease of transportation to get to the most important places in Chicago.

We've outlined a plethora of ways to get to the most important places in Chicago to and from the Coeval Chicago luxury apartments.

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Events Near Coeval Chicago

Effortless and luxurious living at Coeval Apartments paired with the ease of travel to all Chicago has to offer is sure to delight any resident’s lifestyle. Explore the neighboring areas and you’ll find events packed with entertainment, food, community building, art, and more.

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South Loop Take Out and Delivery Guide

Located less than a half-mile from Coeval, Burger Bar Chicago offers build-your-own gourmet burgers, homemade shakes, and craft beers in a fun and funky space. Although you may not be able to order one of their many craft beer choices, Burger Bar is still offering a simplified menu with some of their most popular favorites. Choose from their popular BYO Burgers, wings, salad, and homemade shakes. Delivery is available through Doordash.

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